Glass / window manifestations

What are Glass / Window Manifestations?

Glass / Window Manifestations are decals produced for windows which are designed to alert people to the presence of glass, to minimise risk of accidents caused by walking into doors, walls, partitions or windows.

Why should I choose Glass / Window Manifestations?

Manifestations form an integral part of health and safety legislation but this doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Although dots and other simple shapes are often used, we can produce these to your specifications using a wide range of vinyls, using single colour vinyl or using multiple colours to create logos or designs. For more intricate, full glass pane application, we are able to use optically clear film which can be printed with your design and is virtually indistinguishable from the glass itself on the clear, unprinted areas.

All designs are supplied pre-spaced, for ease of application, and comply with building regulations.

We can also install window manifestations using our professional installation team who are experienced and equipped to deal with even the largest of jobs.

Please contact us for quotation based on your requirements.