Our in-house fabrication facilities can be used to shape or profile a wide range of materials to produce doors and panels, shaped panels, point of sale displays, elaborate shapes and signage. We can also route, drill and engrave materials to produce elaborate designs for signage or interior design projects with the utmost accuracy.

What is CNC Routing?

A CNC machine is a precision profiling machine that uses three axes (X, Y and Z) to accurately cut, drill, and engrave. The “CNC’ of CNC Router stands for “computer numerical control’, it is a computer controlled cutting machine capable of cutting various sheet materials, such as wood, composite materials, metals such as aluminium and steel, plastics and foams, amongst others..

Why should I choose CNC Routing?

The biggest advantage of CNC cutting in comparison to other profiling machines is in the level of accuracy achievable. CNC routers allow the cutting depth to be fully controlled – so accurately so that we can cut Perspex sheeting but leave the protective film intact. The precision of CNC routing means that little or no finishing is required after the material has been cut or engraved.

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